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Since 1994, NovaComp Engineering, Inc. (NCE) has been collaborating with Herb Roeser and his staff at Transmarine Propulsion Systems (TMPS) in finding solutions to complex engineering problems related to diesel engines. NCE’s contribution is the application of sophisticated finite element analysis techniques when simpler solutions are not available. As I am not a diesel engine expert, I rely on the knowledge and experience of Mr. Roeser for input to my analyses. His thorough understanding and calculations of diesel engine performance and dynamics allows him to provide accurate engine component dimensions and loading conditions required for the appropriate thermal and dynamic stress simulations. During our combined efforts over the years, I have witnessed Mr. Roeser’s interaction with leaders in the diesel engine industry and learned and admired how knowledgeable and experienced Mr. Roeser is in his field. This includes a presentation of a paper, I coauthored with him, at a marine diesel engine conference in Salzburg, Austria in 2015, where we report the root cause of connecting rod failures aboard a cruise ship.

I have the utmost respect for Mr. Roeser and his staff at TMPS. In my opinion, there is no higher education or test that can replace or duplicate what TMPS has to offer the engineering discipline in the diesel engine industry. If there were honorary doctoral degrees or licenses, Mr. Roeser is particularly deserving of one.


Nils Juhlin, Ph. D., P.E.
President, NovaComp Engineering, Inc. 

Trans Marine Propulsion Systems, Inc Appointed United States Agent for Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) Diesel Engines

SEATTLE, Wash., March 20 2013 – Seattle and Florida based Trans Marine Propulsion Systems, Inc. (TMPS), known worldwide for their diesel service and engineering department, has secured the United States Agency for Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) diesel engines.

Anglo Belgian Corporation has been manufacturing diesel engines since 1912 and is headquartered in Gent, Belgium.  The company has a century of engine-building expertise, as it was founded in 1912 by a group of Belgian entrepreneurs soon after building the first licensed Rudolf Diesel engine.  ABC has the reputation of building robust and simple engines, with low fuel and lubricating oil consumption, long lifetime, low maintenance cost and easy accessibility.

“We are very excited about our new partnership with ABC," stated Shane Roeser, President of TMPS.  For close to three decades TMPS has represented various diesel engines lines and has a strong customer base to showcases the features and benefits the ABC line has to offer.  

"ABC is proud to be working with TMPS, this partnership provides our current and future ABC clients a one call does it all feature", stated Jean-Christophe Van Acker, Sales Director of ABC

"Sales, field service, spare parts inventories and a national footprint provides ABC a United States presence. Couple these elements with TMPS's in house engineering department, ABC is now able to provide a sales and service solution for the US customer.

TMPS has locations in Seattle, Washington and Tampa, Florida and services most makes and types of diesel engines, including medium-speed and slow-speed engines for the marine industry and for diesel power plants.  TMPS is one of the world's few service facilities that offer this range of experience.

More information on Trans Marine Propulsion Systems, Inc. and the ABC line go to or call 206-282-9142.

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