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DieselCare Vessel Monitoring

Trans Marine’s DieselCare™ Performance Monitoring is a comprehensive program designed to monitor and optimize vessel engine and fuel performance.

Our aim is to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, potentially extend service intervals, and to reduce your operating and maintenance expenses.

Count on Trans Marine's DieselCare™ System to manage your engines. MORE INFO >>

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SafeSock™ is a heat protective indicator cock cover available in all sizes and engine makes.

In July 2003 a SOLAS regulation came into force, stating that all components attached to machinery reaching temperatures of 230°C must be protected.

Meet SOLAS Regulations NOW with SafeSock™. MORE INFO >>

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The FUEL CLEAN™ purifier elminiates 99% of water in diesel fuel reducing the possibility of formation of sulfuric acid corrosion to your engine.

Independent analysis has also proven FUEL CLEAN™ removes 98% of all solid particles such as rust, silicon, dust, sand, etc.

Protect your engine today with Trans Marine FUEL CLEAN™. MORE INFO >>

Brynje Safety Footwear

Since 1885, it has been company philosophy that everyone should be able to find safety shoes that fitted precisely their feet in the work situation concerned. The shoes had to be well designed - well adapted - and comfortable to wear. So we have a wide range of safety footwear. There is always a model that suits the current needs and trends.

Trans Marine is proud to offer the full line of Brynje safety footwear.

We proudly represent the full line of Lehmann & Michels products.