Regular inspections are critical to a well running engine.

When your vessel joins the DieselCare program, our Service Engineers will regularly inspect and measure your engine’s performance. Your crew may also be trained on taking performance readings.


The DieselCare system also incorporates engine monitoring and web-based vessel management software.

We will help you establish a cylinder pressure measurement schedule. Trans Marine also has 24-hour fuel pressure monitoring systems available.

Your crew will be notified if pressure readings fall outside of threshold values.


Service can be scheduled through the web-based vessel management system, DieselCare.Web.

Our service technicians and engineers are available to service the vessel 24-hours a day worldwide!

We can also procure OEM spare parts manufacturer direct for most major 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine types.

*DieselCare Inspection*

Customized Inspection Schedule

When you become a DieselCare subscriber, our staff will establish a baseline using sea trial data, existing measurement data and perform a visual inspection of your engines.

For example, our basic inspection may consist of selecting two liners to measure wear, inspect thrust bearings, rebuild fuel pumps, and communicate with the chief to discover any more specific concerns on a given engine.

Once our initial analysis is complete, we then develop an inspection and maintenance schedule based on engine condition, manufacturer recommendations, vessel service profile, and stay in regular communication with your company or vessel crew to stay in front of any problems that could develop.

Component Overhauls

For fleets equipped with similar engines, Trans Marine can establish an overhaul kit program for your vessels. As engine components need overhaul, they are sent to our shop for reconditioning and components can be rotated among your vessels as needed.

We provide an online history of where your components have been installed and overhauled, and help you decide when components should be retired.

Trans Marine maintains solid relationships with engine component manufacturers to ensure consistent quality, compatibility and competitive pricing for all your engine component needs.

*DieselCare Monitoring*

Active Engine Monitor

This software runs 24 hours a day and can store up to 90 days worth of fuel injection data (if equipped for full time fuel injection monitoring) and virtually unlimited engine combustion data.

The system alerts the crew in the event of abnormal fuel injection measurements (if equipped).

DieselCare Active Engine Monitor supports all main and auxiliary engines, and can generate P-V, P-Alpha, PMAX, MIP and other charts based on historically recorded data. All data can be exported to a single data file for upload to DieselCare.Web.

Currently DieselCare supports Lehmann & Michels PREMET Online (full-time fuel monitoring) and PREMET C/XL handheld combustion measurement units. Trans Marine is currently developing support for Ashland’s Diesel Performance Analyzer (DPA) and DieselDoctor.


Trans Marine’s exclusive DieselCare web site allows your company’s Port Engineers, Fleet Managers and crew a central location to aggregate and analyze virtually unlimited amounts of vessel measurement data. Port Engineers can order spare parts, schedule service, and communicate with Trans Marine’s Engineering department.

Your staff can download service reports, keep track of part orders and download invoices. DieselCare.Web is context aware – users are presented information and options applicable only to the vessels for which they are responsible.

*DieselCare Service*
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Industry Leading Service

Our factory-trained service personnel and engineering staff are available 24-hours a day anywhere in the world.

We strive to build a loyal relationship with our customers. We typically dedicate a service and engineering team to your company or project so you can rest assured that your vessel, machinery and personnel will be in familiar hands.

Online Service Management

DieselCare.Web provides 24-hour access to vessel service reports, basic analysis and trending and a fully searchable library of your vessel history.

Every vessel in your fleet has a dedicated, secure area in DieselCare.Web. Vessel crew can be assigned access to ships on an individual basis while Port Engineers and Fleet Managers have broader, multi-ship access.

Our engineering staff is notified when new readings indicate a change in engine operating conditions so that issues can be addressed quickly.

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