Is Your Diesel fuelclean_logo.png?

FUEL CLEAN Is A Diesel Fuel Purification System Available for All Marine and Stationary Applications

The FUEL CLEAN purifier eliminates 99% of water in diesel fuel reducing the possibility of formation of sulfuric acid corrosion to your engine.

This engine had a complete set of fuel pumps operated with fuel contaminated by water.

All new plunger and barrels, thrust caps springs and internals were required to bring them back to normal operating condition.


Not only does the FUEL CLEAN purifier remove 99% of water, independent analysis has proven it removes 98% of all solid particles such as rust, silicon, dust, sand, etc.

With the removal of these harmful contaminants the operator can prolong the fuel system's life and increase the combustion efficiency.

In addition to reduced environmental impact, the result is savings on engine maintenance and consumables such as fuel filters.

We have observed up to a ten-fold increase in the life span of the Racor filter element with the installation of a FUEL CLEAN purifier before the Racor filter stage.

Dirty SampleFUEL CLEAN Sample
fc_dirty.jpg fc_clean.jpg
Disassembled fuel pumps... contaminated springs, plungers/barrels... and broken thrust caps. THIS WAS AN EXPENSIVE FIX.

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