Lehmann & Michels SEEAmag ship engine efficiency analyzer software presentation

seeamag_3.jpgLEEMAG SEEAmag
for optimizing efficiency and improving charterability!

LEHMANN & MICHELS has developed a fully automatic performance control system, which can easily be integrated into a Ship's Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) to not only help optimize performance and reduce emissions, but also increase a vessel's charterability.


The LEMAG SEEAmag system measures, records and analyzes key data to help the user determine and improve the vessel's efficiency by enabling in-depth analysis and fleet comparisons. The data can be accessed both onboard as well as onshore and enables the following:


  • Monitoring of all fuel oil consumption
    for M/E, A/E and Boiler split between MGO and HFO current, per trip, etc.
  • Effective control during bunkering
    optional using bunker flow meters
  • Permanent control of optimum trim
    LEMAG TRIMtrending a self-learning system!
  • Display of EEOI, incl. CO2 & SOx footprint 

Fuel savings of over 7% are often possible and provable!

All information is displayed in a clear and easy to use format and provides the user with various trend diagrams for set periods of time e.g. noon to noon or last voyage. These analyses can prove to be vital in identifying wear and tear at an early stage.
LEMAG SEEAmag can also automatically import (to your own server) and analyze the vessel's daily reports and display the results in one of the following categories in either green, yellow or red:
  • M/E Performance
  • A/E Performance
  • Hull Performance
  • TRIM Performance
  • T/C Performance (optional)

The information can then for example be shared as follows:

Green = Saved for trend analysis
Yellow = Message to superintendent
Red = Message to technical director

Further parameters can also be displayed, e.g. differential charge-air cooler, current value, limit value green/yellow transition will be reached in x days, etc.

LEMAG SEEAmag is a modular system that can be combined to achieve a most cost-effective solution for customers. A return of investment can be achieved within 12 months, usually however within 6 months. Fuel savings of over 1 million Euros per annum/vessel are possible, especially if the vessels are bunkering in areas that are not considered to be trustworthy!

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SEEAmag Presentation (PDF)